Joe Trippi and Laura Ingraham agree on Tea Party advice?

I was just watching Laura Ingraham interview Joe Trippi, Democratic strategist that managed the Howard Dean (2004) presidential campaign, and I actually agreed with him! So did Laura Ingraham. Or, was he agreeing with us?

Trippi advised the Tea Party to vote for the Boehner plan tonight and then, “5 minutes later,” hold a press conference and announce that they stood up for principles as long as they could without causing a financial catastrophe; and that if people want them to be able to effect even more change, then they should elect more Tea Party members to congress. Pretty much what I advocated in my article yesterday.

Trippi also slammed the Obama administration for it’s mishandling of the debt crisis and blamed them for causing much of the problem through its out-of-control and ineffective spending policies.

When a staunch liberal like Joe Trippi is agreeing with a conservative like Laura Ingraham, people really need to sit up and take notice.  Especially the Tea Party!


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