Born in 1967, I’m old enough to remember the, “good old days” and young enough to worry about the future. I’m the product of my eclectic upbringing and experiences. My father was a Texan and my mother is from Germany- born and raised. I was raised between one of America’s wealthiest communities, in a world of extreme wealth, privilege and power, and a ranch in rural north-western Wyoming. I attended some of the finest private schools in the country but I also did a stint in public high school before attending 2 top universities. Lest anyone think my education path less than eclectic, I also attended trade school for welding at a local community college. I rodeoed (saddle bronc and bareback) until after high school but I also learned to surf.

I’ve been an avid hunter and fisherman my whole life and have worked as a hunting and fishing guide, at different times, since I was in high school. True to my penchant for polar opposites, though, I was also (for a number of years) a ‘card-carrying’ hippie and liberal that worked for the Grateful Dead and lived in San Francisco. I spent 15 years making my living as a tattoo artist, specializing in traditional Japanese style designs with a ‘minor’ in traditional American style designs- winning awards for both.

I currently live in Sabinal, TX with the love of my life and our three children. I am the ranch manager for Texas’ largest bowhunting ranch. I’m semi-retired from tattooing but I maintain a small private studio in Sabinal where I work strictly by appointment and only on projects that interest me artistically; and I spend what time I can drawing and painting.

Does any of this matter? I don’t think so. We all have our own stories that have shaped us- each one as valid and important as the next. I suppose having a little of my particular story may help you understand, or excuse, my viewpoint or conclusions. If so, I’m glad.

I’ve been so very fortunate to be able to travel the US and the world as part of my upbringing and, later, as part of my work. I’ve spent a great deal of time in Europe and Asia and, true to form, I’ve sought out some of the most remote places I could find and cultivated relationships with ‘locals’ that gave me a much more realistic grasp of the cultures I visited; and their views, perspectives, goals, religions and politics. To me, these experiences were my ‘real’ education.

The one conclusion that I’ve come to, through the sum of my experiences, is that common sense should prevail but rarely does in today’s world- particularly in America. We have become a polarized nation and the truth, as well as the solution to our problems, lies between the extremes – in The Center Shot.


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